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Mills Roofing has been a  Certified ShingleMaster           Company since 2012

"Your Roof is worthy of Special Attention"

Why you should choose a ShingleMaster

Becoming a ShingleMaster requires a commitment to professionalism and dedication to quality craftsmanship that few other roofing companies demonstrate. This company has key employees who participate in Certainteed's edjucational programs.

Ethical Conduct

*The ShingleMaster agrees to abide by a code of ethics that covers compliance with applicable laws and requires high standards of workmanship, customer service, and business administration.

*This company is committed to uphold industry accepted standards and business practices.

SureStart PLUS

*A ShingleMaster is authorized to offer you Surestart PLUS 3-STAR and 4-STAR extended warranty protection.

Installation Knowledge

*The Certainteed Shingle Applicator's Manual is the foundation of the ShingleMaster knowledge. This comprehensive reference book, which specifies the requirements for installing a high- quality roof system, ensures that ShingleMasters are more knowledgeable about proper roofing methods.

*The manual also addresses other important topics such as customer service, shingle technology and warranties.


*Only those contractors who focus on superior workmanship and customer satisfaction earn the ShingleMaster credential.

*Trust in their expertise to explain important differences between shingles and to offer an appropriate selection of products for your roof.

Up-to-Date Credentials

*Certainteed keeps a record of each ShingleMaster to ensure their credentials are current.

*Call 800-782-8777 to ask about a company's credential status or look them up on the Find a Pro section of

"A commitment to professionalism and dedication to quality craftsmanship"

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